My First Excursion

For the year of 2019 I decided to choose a word/characteristic for the year, rather than setting a typical resolution where I vow to work out more or eat healthier. I have found this type of resolution much easier to stick to and grow in because you simply attempt to weave and expand on that characteristic within your everyday life. The word I choose for this year was, Creativity. Spain has been a wonderful place to explore and appreciate the creative side of the world, the life, art, language, and even the buildings completely capture beauty in many different ways. Last weekend we went on our first excursion and explored the city of Cordoba.

In Cordoba we took a tour in the Mosque of Cordoba and learned about the history of the building. During the Christian reconquest of Spain the Mosque was transformed into a church for a catholic place of worship. The architecture in the Mosque was beautiful, there was hints of Islam mixed with Christianity. This sort of hit close to home, I really hope my growth within this abroad experience will reflect the theme of the Mosque. I came here with American views and ideals but I want to adopt Spanish culture as well, eventually becoming a new person that embodies both cultures.

The Mosque in Cordoba and the city itself had so much beautiful art and architecture that really displayed the creativity that I am looking for in 2019. The double arch was first done in this Mosque, it had stained glass that reflected a rainbow onto the floors. Large marble columns were brought it from Rome to be used inside the building. The Mosque was refurbished but the original wooden doors were kept and hung outside on the wall. The courtyard of the Mosque was filled with vibrant orange trees. The buildings in the city are white but are hung with blue pots of flowers to add color and it’s beautiful in the sun, below are some pictures of the city:


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