Food & Growth

I am very picky, I know what I like and what I don’t and it is rare that I ever venture outside of that. Before I came I decided I was going to leave this trait behind and say yes to everything. I have been ordering new foods and trying everything that is put in front of me. I have found there are a lot more things that I enjoy when I just open up my mindset. Before I came abroad when I would try things, I would go into it assuming I was going to hate it, and I usually would. By simply changing that assumption to a positive one I have enjoyed so many different types of foods.

Spanish food is heavy with meats and carbs, vegetables have been harder to find with meals, I will say I really miss broccoli. Spaniards use ham the way Americans use chicken. At first I was a little thrown off but I love ham now, my favorite is cured ham on toast. The one thing I do not like about Spanish food is the blandness, they do not season very heavily so sometimes I have to add salt or pepper, but aside from that the food has been enjoyable. Some of my new favorites are croquettes, paella and tortilla Española.

Change is incredibly hard for me on scales both large and small, the unknown is not something that I accept with open arms or excitement. I cling to what is familiar to me, but my mom pointed out that the biggest steps in my life I have decided to do alone (i.e. college and studying abroad). After she pointed this fact out, I realized, I may be a little braver when it comes to change than I thought. I explored this bravery on a smaller scale, starting with food. But I have found its spreading and making me more openminded on all fronts. I want to continue applying this courage and open-mindedness to the entirety of my abroad experience.

Baked salmon with pasta and a green sauce- my favorite meal so far from a restaurant right down the street from my apartment
Tortilla Española- Spanish omelette made with egg, potatoes, and onions (sounds bland but its delicious in a simplistic way)
Croquettes- mixture of food fried in bread crumbs (usually mashed potatoes with cheese or meat or vegetables)
Paella- Seasoned rice with your choice of other ingredients → my favorite is a mix of vegetables, beef and seafood


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