Somewhere Far(o) Away

This past weekend I took my first trip on my own to Faro, Portugal. We stayed in an Air bnb right on the beach, and were about a 20 minute drive from the city center of Faro. Portugal is a beautiful country and the movement between the two countries was so free I didn’t even realize once I had gotten into Portugal. Once we arrived in Faro, we went straight to the beach and relaxed there until we could check in to our Air bnb. We had a bit of trouble finding the house because the way the houses are numbered did not follow any type of order or system. My roommate, Tierney and I spent about an hour and a half looking on the wrong side of the island until we finally figured out what was going on. It was an good learning point for me here abroad, I realized I can’t treat other countries like I’m in America or I’ll find myself wandering for hours! An uber driver that we actually had a couple times throughout the weekend, was from Portugal originally, grew up in Australia, and worked during his adult life in Africa. It was really interesting to hear his story because it showed a difference in diversity between Sevilla and Faro.

The weekend was more of a vacation than anything else. On Friday we spent the entire day just laying out on the beach, the weather wasn’t nice enough for bathing suits but it was so nice just to get to be on the beach and feel the sand in between my toes and listen to the ocean. At sunset we went for a walk on the beach and didn’t really talk but just took in the moment to appreciate the absolute beauty that was in front of us. I felt serenity and a closeness to God that I hadn’t felt in a while. On Saturday we walking through out the city of Faro and enjoyed the shops and were able to buy some handmade jewelry, we ended the day at a roof top restaurant where we were able to watch the sunset again. It was an incredible relaxed weekend. I love each and everyone of my roommates but living with 11 other girls can be overwhelming at times, it was nice to get away with a smaller group and I felt like I got to know my roommates even more in a closer setting. Portugal was beautiful, and I cannot wait to go back!

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